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Eyes on Shell


Photo Credit: Blue Lens

How to document and report a problem with the Shell plastics plant:

In order to help protect you and your community, we encourage you to take photos and keep a journal with records of your observations.


Your journal could include the following:

  • Date and time

  • Photos - A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Be sure to include a date and time stamp and details about what you saw.

  • Weather conditions – wind direction, if you know it

  • Flaring events – call these into  and record them in your journal

  • Unexplained odors – particularly chemical smells, call those into the numbers in the sections included to the right and record in your journal 

  • Any trembles or shaking of your home or property

  • Any changes in water quantity or quality (color, smell, taste)l

  • Any changes in the health of outdoor plants, landscaping, or pets

  • Annoying noise from traffic, heavy equipment, machinery

  • Make a note of details of any inconveniences or concerns

  • Anything new and unfamiliar

  • Keep records of everyone you speak to about Shell plant activities

  • Keep records of everyone you speak to about problems you’ve reported and any follow-up they provide – be sure to include dates and times for each

  • Get business cards for anyone who visits you – keep them in your journal

Join the next Eyes on Shell meeting to find out more about being the eyes and ears of our community.

Report a concern to the DEP:

If someone observes an environmental concern, we encourage them to notify the DEP. The public may contact DEP Southwest Regional Office at 412-442-4000 (24 hours/day) if they observe an environmental problem. People can also contact DEP at no cost by calling 866-255-5158. DEP also receives complaints via its website.


The public is an important partner in DEP’s work, and we urge residents to notify DEP and work with DEP. It is helpful if complaints are made in a timely manner and include a description of the environmental concern in detail with a date, time, location, visual observation (including photos or videos) and description of how pollution may be moving (if applicable), and detailed description of an odor (if applicable).


Timely reporting increases DEP chances of observing what the complainant observed. DEP reviews and responds to every complaint that DEP receives.

If anything you witness feels like an emergency,
call Beaver County Emergency Management at
911 or (724) 775-1700

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