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What You See and Smell at Shell - February 1, 2023

Shell is not the good neighbor it claims it wants to be. In each of the two months before Shell announced the beginning of operations on November 15, 2022, it exceeded its rolling annual permitted levels of pollution emissions. In both September and October of 2022, Shell released more pollution than it was allowed for the whole previous 12-month period.

During those months, Eyes On Shell Watchdogs reported on orange skies, strange smells, noises, new water pollution and intense light pollution. Those events have only grown more frequent since November 15.

New toxic loads coming from the Shell plant include benzene, toluene, and a long list of other toxic chemicals. These chemicals have been found to cause or accelerate cancer, respiratory disease, endocrine disruption, and abnormalities in unborn fetuses.

Climate change will be accelerated by the plant's release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, including methane, which will also be leaked along the pipeline path from frack wells to the plant.

In the face of these health and climate impacts on our community, Eyes On Shell Watchdogs are stepping up to help hold Shell accountable. At the Feb. 1 meeting, Eyes On Shell focused on this work as we have been and plan to be doing it.

Watchdogs are calling Shell to remind them to carry out the Shell To-Do List, and to let them know that orange skies, chemicals in the Ohio River, and foul air are not acceptable. We are placing air monitors in the community, using episodic monitors to catch emission spikes, and working with our friends at Mountain Watershed and 3 Rivers Waterkeeper to patrol for spills of plastic nurdles.

At the same time, we continue to inform the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) about our concerns and how they can improve their record in protecting public health and environmental well-being.

Eyes On Shell Watchdogs are recording and reporting what they see and how they feel about Shell’s toxic emissions. They are keeping up the momentum by observing orange skies, smells, foamed waterways, noises and night sky-erasing light pollution.

Let’s go, Watchdogs!

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