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The proposed Falcon Pipeline is a 97-mile pipeline to feed the Shell Petrochemical Plant. It will be built by the Shell Pipeline Company and will run through 22 townships including Beaver County. Should the pipeline leak or explode at any point, multiple areas within 1,000 feet of the pipeline will be at risk, including private water wells and the Ambridge Reservoir. It will also come dangerously close to 550 family homes, 20 businesses, 5 schools and 6 daycare centers, 12 public parks, major hiking and biking trails and the Independence Marsh.

Watch Erica Jackson of Fractracker Alliance on Forward Radio's Truth To Power, talking about the Falcon Pipeline Investigation


  • Intersects 319 streams; 361 additional streams are

  • only 500ft from construction areas

  • Intersects 174 wetlands; 470 additional wetlands

  • are only 500ft from construction areas

  • The majority of crossings will be open cuts and dry-ditch trenching

  • A total of 19 horizontal directional drilling (HDD) sites;

  • 40 conventional boring sites

  • 25 miles of pipeline overlap karst limestone formations, including 9 HDD sites

  • 240 groundwater wells within 1/4 mile of the pipeline;

  • 24 within 1,000ft of an HDD site

The Falcon Public Monitoring Project

Erica Jackson • 2019
Part of the Falcon Public EIA Project
In March of 2019, two and a half years after Shell Pipeline Co. announced plans for the Falcon Ethane Pipeline System, the imported pipes arrived at the Port of Philadelphia. As tree clearing and construction begins, we share frustration with residents that the project is underway while many of our concerns remain unaddressed.


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